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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ivy League Prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse

David Brown

A lot of college campuses have heard of the game Humans vs. Zombies. This game divides students into two obvious groups. The first group is armed with nerf guns and balled-up socks as weapons.  Playing as humans, they must take down the other half of the students, the zombies. Since its conception in 2005 by students at Goucher College, Humans vs. Zombies has been a game only taken up at public colleges.

Well, last week from January 11th to January 16th, Dartmouth became the first of the Ivy League school to advertise, at least at a level visible to the public, this game on their campus. The game is being moderated by six students who see Humans vs. Zombies as a “low-key and light-hearted alternative to the predominantly Greek social scene on campus.” According to the full article located at The Dartmouth, there were over 170 students signed up to play. Moderators believe that the inevitable visibility of the game will increase student interest and set up even bigger competitions in future terms.

This is definitely another way to make campus a better place, so the question has to be said, which college will be the next in the Ivy League to play? Are you at a college that allows you to play Humans vs. Zombies? I would like to know your opinions on this as it is a fun game. Are there any games that your college plays that are similar to this? We want to know your comments below.


  1. The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia runs a successful HvZ game through the HvZ@ANU club. There are two full games a year (Summer and Winter) and a selection of smaller, half-day Nerf wars and HvZ games.

    The game attracts mainly players from campus, but is open to people not attending the university. This works because the game action can be tracked via the website and forums (
    It's a well run game, heading into its third year.

    If you get the chance to play a game somewhere, I highly recommend you do, because it's a fun game, regardless of which side you end up playing for. Most of my friends are from the game, and the sense of community among players makes it even more enjoyable. Just watch out for security and sprinklers!

  2. "Humans vs. Zombies has been a game only taken up at public colleges."

    Goucher College is private...


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