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Friday, January 14, 2011

Horror Realm Expands With A One-Day March Spectacular

Dan Barkasi

Horror Realm, which is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s premier horror convention, will be adding a special one-day show on March 5.

The given title for the show is “Spring Break Massacre,” which will feature many of the same elements from other Horror Realm conventions – including celebrity appearances and a film festival. Also expect a wide array of dealers, as well as some special events that include trivia contests, a horror haiku poetry slam, a special game for horror-loving couples, and even a zombie survival course! There will also be a panel whose subject is the work of George A. Romero, and the religious social commentary within his many works.

On the guest front, Tiffany Shepis has thus far been confirmed, with others on the horizon.

To top the event off, there will be a “Zombie Gras” party for those aged 18 and over. This event will feature a charity raffle, dancing, giveaways and more. The theme will be New Orleans and the history of voodoo engrained in the bayou city’s culture.

We will have in-depth coverage of this event, so stay tuned to catch all of the gritty details right here. Of course, you should check out the convention yourself, if means allow you to do so. It should be a great time, so do your best to make an appearance!

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  1. Hi guys - Miss Dee from Horror Realm here to let you know that Lori Cardille will be appearing at the March 5 show! And she will be donating the proceeds of her autographs to Pittsburgh Action Against Rape. So come out and meet Lori and donate to a worthy cause!


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