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Monday, January 3, 2011

Carnegie Mellon University Students Combine Zombies and Musicals

David Brown

Many of us have at least heard of High School Musical and the craze that Disney started when they created it. Carnegie Mellon and their university students are hoping to do for college and zombies what Disney did for high school. In their new musical web series created and produced by them, the students at Carnegie Mellon University bring us the story of Peter Wells and his quest to win the heart of Ella Carmichael.

The web series is written by Yulin Kuang and David Grabowski, composed David Grabowski, directed by Benji Welmond, and produced with Stefan Dezil. So far only two promos and Episode 1 are up, but from watching episode 1 I can definitely say that this is a series that must be watched if you are a fan of zombies. It is definitely a slow start, but I see good things on the horizon for this. To follow the cast themselves you can view their production blog here, or view their channel on YouTube by clicking here.

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