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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zombie Santa Claus Brings Infectious Yuletide Cheer

 Dan Barkasi

A show of hands – who has ever wondered what would happen if Santa Claus became zombified? If any of you are like yours truly, that conundrum has popped up a couple of times. Well, if an answer is what you require, than a trip to the famed Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, Pennsylvania was the location for you. For on Saturday, December 4, Time & Space toys gave us their third annual glimpse of what Santa would be like if he became a member of the living dead – as well as his helpers!

At the entrance of the store, visitors were greeted by a zombie elf of which was either going to construct some gruesome toys, or just bite your arm off. Either way, a most useful of welcomes!

Photos were $10 each, which came with a nice “Monroeville Zombies” frame to hold your fiendish image with the undead head honcho of holiday cheer. Also included was a $5 merchandise voucher for merchandise within the store. A good deal, for certain.

There were also free soda and snacks for hungry visitors, as well as a “Toys for Tots” donation point. Not to mention how much cool stuff that the store had on display, including movie-related clothing – especially the amazing “Send More Paramedics” shirt – and the fantastic zombie museum. This is loaded with zombie-related memorabilia of which can only be seen there. All of this provided for plenty to do at this party.

After browsing around the store for a while, cookies and soda in hand, we decided to jaunt over and check out the major reason we’re here – Santa!

The line was wrapping around a portion of the aforementioned museum, with many eager to catch a glimpse of the jolly undead guy in the red suit. Time passed by quickly, gazing at the many movie posters that adorned the walls.

When the time finally came, Santa was there in his chair, in all his bloody glory. Obviously wary of catching the undead plague myself, approaching the big guy was done ever so carefully. He even had a bag full of goodies for all the good girls and boys – if severed appendages are what you fancy. When the picture was snapped – taken by Hellga of the local “The It’s Alive Show” – the fright was at its height, with Santa and his minion hoping for a nibble. Thankfully, I made my escape unscathed.

Santa’s clan was even gracious enough to pose for a few more photos, including one where Mrs. Claus and a few more elves joined in. Personally, I believe they were all after Santa’s bag-o-rotting flesh. But it made for a great shot nonetheless!

As mentioned before, this was the third year this has been held, and every one has been a blast. The store really goes all out for this, and kudos to them for hosting a fun, one-of-a kind party. Here’s an idea for next year – how about a zombie reindeer of sorts? How cool would that be? Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you munch some flesh tonight? Ok, I’ll stop. Can’t wait for next years’ party!

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