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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zombie Cupcake!

Just a quick public service announcement directing your attention to the art of Adan Ballou.  He is offering several free downloads of his art including this one:  Zombie Cupcake!


  1. HEY! Thx 4 yer appreciation! I spent a while working on that piece (We call it "CUPCAKE!" around here). I wanted to make a piece with dark humour, but still raised the concept of empathy... I kept thinking from the walking dead's perspective "All I want is a cupcake! If you'd just give me a cupcake, I wouldn't need to tied myself over with brains, which really don't taste that good raw..."

  2. This piece is getting framed and hung in my kitchen. It's FANTASTIC! Thank you SO much for sharing!


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