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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just another one of my "what's new" and "what's to come" ramblings...

I am behind schedule with updates and I apologize.  The recent convention, holiday sales through the website, holiday preparations, work, and life have me dragging lately.  I spent the past two days taking care of online orders and replying to emails.  I am hoping to get back on schedule this week and here is a glimpse of what you have to look forward to this month:

Contests.  I have several great items to give away this month and will have the new contests posted this weekend.  I will also be selecting winners of the current contests and sharing those announcements.  We have several book, game, and movie reviews to share including some accompanying interviews.

Steel City Con was a great time as always and I had a blast speaking with some old school ZT fans as well as making some new friends.  And since my friends are your friends, you will be hearing about some fun and creative people.

You will only need to put up with my lack of updated for another day or two.  I'm nearly caught up and once I am, I will post more info.  Thank you, all, for reading and supporting Zombies & Toys!

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