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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Engineer a Zombie Virus

David Brown

Have you ever wondered what real world things could be the catalyst for a zombie virus apocalypse? Do you think to yourself how one would go about engineering a zombie virus? Well George Dvorsky, a Director of Operations for Commune Media, an advertising firm that specializes in marketing science and producer of the Sentient Development blog did. He has compiled at great article that can be seen in its entirety by clicking here. In the article he looks at a number of things associated with a potential zombie virus.

Among things he talks about are the Solanum virus behind the zombie plague as discussed in the Zombie Survival Guide, and how the virus itself works. Think of this as a refresher or introduction depending on your exposure to the aforementioned book. He then goes on to look at things in nature that are zombie like in nature, including things like malaria, dicrocelium dendriticum, hairworms, and even rabies. From this section he then goes on to talking about creating the zombie virus and ends with a discussion on whether we have to worry or not. As I said, this is an interesting read and well worth your time.

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