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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dead Rising 2 DLC Gets Release Date

David Brown

If you are a fan of the game Dead Rising 2 and own an XBOX 360, then tomorrow will be a very exciting day for you. As reported by g4tv as well as, Dead Rising 2: Case West will be releasing tomorrow, December 27th, exclusively on XBOX 360. It will be available for the price of 800 Microsoft Points, and will bring back the main character of the original Dead Rising, Frank West. The downloadable content will focus on Frank and the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene, as they infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility in order to find the origins of the zombie plague and clear Chuck’s name. The best thing about this downloadable content is that it will allow for two player co-op. There will also be the fun ability to combine weapons as seen in Dead Rising 2. All of these details make this a game to watch for. I will be providing a review when the DLC launches.

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