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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Contest Updates

As I have mentioned in several posts already, Christmas has set me further behind than usual.  As a result, several contests I wanted to run through December never launched and others never concluded on time.  So, here are some winners, entry date extensions, and advance notice of next month's contests.

Zombie Ammo was gracious enough to give a set of zombie targets away including their new Santa design!  Congratulations to Phillip A. from Phoenixville, PA.

Custom dog tags are being given to 3 lucky winners thanks to Dog Tag Art.  While my pooch wears the "I Fight Zombies" one, the winners are welcome to choose from any of the designs they offer!  Or, if you're patient, you can wait until the upcoming Zombies & Toys tag becomes available!  I hope the winners enjoy their pet ID tags:

Frankie M. from Warren, NJ
Jenny B. from Fresno, CA
Kimberly R. from Phoenix, AZ

One of my favorite artist (and yours, too, judging by the contest entries), Billy Tackett, gave us some signed prints to give away!  The image?  The Zombies & Toys logo!  There were two winners of this awesome image and to make the winnings even better we are throwing in a set of our Billy Tackett artist series buttons!  These buttons are limited to 100 sets and there are only a few left. Watch for series 3 this spring!  Congratulations to:

Shelly L. from Lancaster, CA
Mat B. from Lapeer, MI

Congratulations to all of the winners!  Now for a sneak peak at what we'll be giving away in January...  Official announcements will be posted in the days ahead.  Remember, you can always enter more than one contest but if you enter the same contest more than once you will be disqualified.
Next month, we will be giving away a set of zombie miniatures thanks to Studio Miniatures.  This is one of the best prizes we have had the pleasure of giving away.  "Pleasure" may be a stretch as it pains me to let these guys go!  The winner will receive a total of 51 zombie miniatures valued around $200!

We made friends with Zombie Flesh Jerky!  Not only do they provide you with the obvious, they also have zombie tongues!  Be ready for a chance to win some of these grotesque, yet tasty, treats!  In the meantime, check them out at Zombie Flesh Jerky.

This is just the beginning, friends.  There will be plenty of contests, changes, and announcements throughout 2011 so make sure to stay tuned!


  1. Those miniatures look great!

  2. Those zombie miniatures are amazing!

  3. And how do I enter for a chance to win those brilliant zombies? LOVE the birdman!


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