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Monday, November 1, 2010

Zombies Go Medieval!

Dan Barkasi

Just when you thought most concepts for a zombie film have been exercised, another interesting angle comes out of nowhere.  What off the wall premise is coming to get us this time, you ask? Enter: "Stronghold."  The latest zombie film that is being brought to us by Alien vs Predator's Jason Kingsley.

Based on a book of the same title by Paul Finch, Stronghold involves zombies during medieval times. More specifically, based in the era of English King Edward I. The aforementioned monarch had a fortress constructed - Grogen Castle - claiming it to be impenetrable. Well, the Welsh had other ideas. What are they to do to combat the English tyranny? Rising hordes of the undead to attack the castle, thanks to some druid magic and a powerful ancient artifact? You bet!

The storyline has promise, and hopefully this flick can deliver something good. Personally, the potential for some ridiculous zombie kills could be quite high, so hopefully the filmmakers let their imaginations off the hinges. Sounds like it could be a good time. Stay tuned!

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