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Monday, November 8, 2010

Zombies for Zombies: The Play & Werk Buk Review

David Brown

What do you get when you combine an advertising catalog, great games, challenging puzzles, rewarding stories, and elbow macaroni? Well, you get the Zombie For Zombies Play & Werk Buk. Written by David P. Murphy and illustrated by Daniel Heard, this book is the sequel to the original novel Zombies for Zombies. I have to say it right here, if you were a fan of the first, then by all means do not miss the chance to pick up a great sequel.

The first impressions you get once picking up the book are ones of insider jokes and zombie love. David Murphy yet again hits all the right points in his quest to create a book for the living dead.  The purpose of this book is to help the living dead maintain a high Q-Scale number, but as he puts it, this is a book that the living can enjoy as well.  We get to see an altered North America where the United States has been shrunk and states combined by a president wanting to have more room for containment zones and Scarlet Shores facilities. 

When you see this “inactivity” guide you will at first think that it is just games, but there are also four very funny stories, complete with moral lessons (if you would consider them that). Also included is a nice little arts and crafts project and many question and answer sections for humans and post-lifers alike.  The greatest part is that each section, even ones that are a bit more mature and serious in thematic material, is presented in the tongue-in-cheek style that David P. Murphy used to make the first book so enjoyable. 

The book itself weighs in at 98 pages, so there isn’t much more that can be said without totally taking the fun out of it and spoiling a lot. If you are a David P. Murphy fan pick up this book. If you love zombie literature or want to know how to make it once you have turned, pick up this book.  If you want to have a book for a rainy day or need something to cheer you up, pick up this book. I simply cannot say enough good stuff about this book.  Besides where else can you say that you read a book about zombies where a zombified unicorn gave you some of the best advice of your life.

ed note:  Check out David's review of Zombies for Zombies and don't forget to enter to win copies of both books!

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