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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombie Panic in Wonderland

Todd Jepperson

The Spanish company Akaoni Studio has released a free demo for their number one rated WiiWare game: Zombie Panic in Wonderland (ed note: originally seen 6/3/09), for a limited time, starting on November 5th.  The free demo is available only on Nintendo’s WiiWare channel in Europe.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is, in the states, it’s still available; only you have to drop 1000 Wii points to get it.  Now, my Wii won’t live with me until Next month, so I can’t say how the game is from my personal experience, but what I can do is direct you to a bunch of different places you can find out what other people think of it. 
The first place I wanna take you is to the Akaoni Studio website, found here.  If you look to your right, what you’ll see is poorly translated information about the release of the game, free wallpapers, and tidbits about other games they’re working on.  Come for the information, stay for the wallpapers.
Next, I’ll lead you over to a pretty in depth review of the game on Nintendolife.  For those of you are a little too busy at the moment to take the jump, The premise of the game is that “amorous zombies” are running wild in the fairytale world of Wonderland.  It’s up to Momotarō (“Peach boy” from Japanese folklore) and his rag-tag group of vigilantes, including Grimm’s Fairytales’ Snow White, and Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, to stop these terrible monsters from hugging everyone into annoyed oblivion.  The game is a third person style shooter where the player controls the left to right movement of the character to avoid rocks, debris, and undead snuggles and aiming their weapons at enemies and various landscape objects through a series of time trial like levels.  The art is slightly cherubic with a manga influence, and the entire set is destructible.  Sounds like a pretty good time with the kids.
If you’re still not ready to fly to la casa de Mamá Ros back in España just yet, nor blow 1000 of your hard earned Wii points, I dug up a trailer we can all enjoy. 

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