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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trapped Dead, Tactical Survival Coming Soon

David Brown

There are many video games that have dealt with survival during a zombie apocalypse. With many of these games you are the lone survivor, or a member of a team tasked with surviving, guns blazing, from point a to point b. Headup Games, a company out of Germany hopes to change all of this with their newest release, Trapped Dead, a game they are hailing as the first tactical zombie survival game.

I have to say that from the screenshots that have been shown that this does look to be an intense game that will not only require a fast trigger finger, but also some planning. The screenshots on the official website show many different scenes including what looks like, a library, a hospital, a church, and a prison among other things.

The game also looks to offer you the ability to control and command six different characters, including a doctor in a wheel chair, a first (at least from what I have seen) in a zombie game. During the game it also looks like you will have access to 12 different weapons from the small automatic-pistol up to things like a katana. It is definitely looking like a game that will do some more justice to the zombie game genre, and looks like a game that should be very fun to play. Trapped Dead launches December 16, 2010.

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  1. Any idea what formats this is being launched on?

    Looks a little like Zombie Apocalypse on XBLA from the screen shots.


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