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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Dog Fights Zombies; Does Yours?

I finally caved and agreed to get a puppy.  So, since my entire household is a bunch of geeks, we named our new pet Artoo.  But, of course, we had to represent our love of zombies as well and what looks better than a dog ID tag that says "I Fight Zombies"? 

The reverse side has room for four lines of information and each line can contain up to 40 characters.  I'm excited to announce that we will be selling these in the Zombie Toy Store!  After purchasing your tag, email how you would like the reverse side of your tag to read.

This month, thanks to Dog Tag Art, we are giving away 3 free custom dog tags!  To enter, email your name, address, and the 4 lines of text EXACTLY how you would like your tag to read to  These pet ID tags can be used for any critter you own and also make great keychains!

The tags are made from a ultra-strong recycled steel core about 1mm think. The steel is coated with an everlasting special polymer that we infuse the graphics on. The final result is a pleasure to hold with smooth rounded edges. They are manufactured and made in the U.S.


  1. Artoo ? LMAO.
    That is the most awesome pet name ever!
    You do realise the next pet is going to have to be called 'Deetoo'?

  2. Not so sure about "Deetoo" but a friend did suggest naming our next pet "Amnot".


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