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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Great Zombie Short

The most recent Horror Realm show was another blast and it was great meeting some Zombies & Toys readers.  I hope everyone there had the opportunity to take in all that the convention had to offer.  Per usual, my head is left spinning trying to recap all of the people, conversations, and sites I took in.  One of the events that I do want to share was the screening of Chuck Skibo's zombie short film, Dead Air.

I used to be one who wouldn't pay any attention to short films but I have seen several recently that have nearly made me like them more.  It all began when I watched I Love Sarah Jane.  Dead Air doesn't top Sarah Jane, but then again, no short film has.  Dead Air is a fun, suspenseful tale that follows a news crew and their battle with the undead. 

The film is short at around twenty minutes so I really can't get into any details without ruing the movie.  I thought the zombie effects were great and Skibo did a great job putting the viewer into the world of our heroes.  Some of the acting faltered but it didn't distract you from the world you were placed in.  The story carries you through the film and while I do feel it is above average, it's the ending that makes me think otherwise.  The film's climax moved it up a few spots in my book leaving a lasting impression and making it a movie I would recommend to any zombie lover.

If you can't make it to a convention for a screening, Dead Air will be available on Garay Ugarek's Deadlands 2 Blu-Ray release.

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