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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colin - movie review and contest

Contest extended until January 28th!

Some of you may recall the movie Colin that we have mentioned on Zombies & Toys in the past.  As a quick reminder, Colin was the movie that obtained the most notoriety for being filmed for only $75.  To be honest, it's a shame that this is what the film is most known for.  It is shot from the perspective of the zombie.  Yes, Colin is not only the lead character but also a zombie.  We're not talking Fido or Stubbs the Zombie.  Colin is a realistic approach at showing the life of a zombie.

For the longest time, Colin was only available to those in Europe.  However, now Colin can be enjoyed by those of us on this side of the pond!  It has been released as a single disc DVD and also as a deluxe edition with bonus content.  As part of this month's festivities, we are giving away 5 copies of Colin on DVD!  Oh, year, and the grand prize winner will receive the 2 disc version!  To enter all you need to do is follow the directions after the review.  Speaking of... here's my previous review of Colin:

It is safe to assume that everyone reading this blog has seen a zombie film. We can't assume that everyone has seen a zombie film told from the perspective of one particular zombie start to finish. We can argue that some films like Return of the Living Dead come close as we witness a character's change and continue to follow their story afterward. Colin is still different, however, as the film introduces us to one main character whom we learn and care about as we join him on his journey. The big difference (and I'm not spoiling anything) is that our hero is a zombie. This fact is not what made the film Colin so popular and newsworthy, however. What really put Colin on the map is the fact that it was made for under $80. This fact is not going to play a role in the review you are about to read and though it may be mentioned, will not be centered upon. The review will be based upon the merits of Colin as a film.

To be brief, the film is about Colin and his existence in a world after the zombie apocalypse. The obvious difference between this and other movies of the same type is that the center of our attention is a zombie. The movie opens with our introduction to Colin as a living person. We discover the cause of his infection and experience with him his transition into one of the walking dead. We then find a way to roam the world of the living.

Colin is an excellent film. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to see it to do so. If you live in Europe or have the ability to play a region 2 DVD this movie should be a no-brainer (pun intended). The story and character development are great. Like any movie where you follow the events of a living person, you begin to develop feelings and curiosities for the hero. Of course you want to know what caused his infection but you are also treated to the discovery of your new existence along with him. Where are you going, why are you going there, what influences your actions? We experience this transition much like watching an infant discover the world around him for the first time. We learn about Colin as a zombie and as a person and by the end of the movie we are treated to glimpses of the life he lived and his zombie instincts to remain there. This is not to say that Colin shambles to his favorite restaurant for a cup of tea. Think of Bub from Romero's Day of the Dead when he is handed the razor. In fact, the zombies seem to follow the rules defined by Romero's films which is not a bad thing.

The effects are not without flaw but are by far greater than many larger budget films I have seen. Fight scenes between survivors and undead are perfect for what the story requires and are shockingly believable. While you may spot an off effect or two, they by no means detract from the movie's experience or remove you from its grip. I was taken in from start to finish and only found myself distracted a few times by some of the actions of non-crucial living characters. The actions and reactions of all key players are believable and enjoyable. That's not to say the movie is entirely without flaws. Some of the scenes do tend to drag on a bit and the overall feel of the movie is of one that has a small budget. My only other complaints would be the 4:3 aspect ratio and the overall picture quality. I must quickly point out, however, that neither are distracting or took away from my overall enjoyment of the film.

While I am a fan of zombies and zombie films, I would say I dislike more zombie films than I enjoy. My short list of favorites include the original Romero trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, the debate-able as zombies 28 Days/Weeks, and even the Dawn remake among a few others. I can now say that Colin is a part of that too-slowly-increasing list. I am looking forward to watching Colin a few more times and the inclusion of the director's commentary will be the next run. Speaking of, if Marc Price is this capable with an $80 budget I can't wait to see what he is capable of with some rightfully-earned funding. My only hope is that it will be another zombie film.

Regardless of the costs to make this film, Colin delivers. Colin is a great film that gives zombie fans what they long for. It is a shame that the hype surrounding Colin has been focused on the small budget that was used to film it and not the quality zombie film that it is. But if that's what it takes for such a great movie to be noticed so be it.

To enter the contest and abe eligible to win your own copy of Colin, email your name and address to
Good luck!


  1. oh my gosh..all of these creations are absolutely fantastic! you gals rock! I too will be hostessing a giveaway through this event over on my blog later today.

  2. This seems like it would be similar to the book Het Madden (fantastic book BTW). I've been wanting to see this movie.


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