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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Braaains Game Review

David Brown

A while back, my fiance told me about a new game she found on Facebook, with my past experiences I was apprehensive to say the least about another Facebook game. The game she told me about was Braaains a multiplayer, zombie raising/battling game. I had my hesitations at first but after putting 20 days of play time into it, I have to say, this is a great game. The game itself revolves as I said around raising your very own zombie army. You resurrect the zombies from the graveyard with brains that you collect or by using currency.

Currency and experience is gained by battling human and computer opponents. Brains are gained by leveling up or completing achievement tasks and partner offers (optional ones at that, as they are never displayed in pop up form or anywhere in the main game screen). You have the opportunity to raise an initial army of up to 5 zombies, but beware once you get to that number you have to make sure you have a bunch of friends willing to play as well or else you cannot raise a bigger army.

With the coins you can buy armor and weapons for your zombie army. These weapons are a highlight of the game, as they range from broken lightbulbs, to tree limbs, to shopping carts. You also have the ability to purchase enhancements for your zombie army, that will help upgrade your strength, health, or defense. While all of this seems very strategic, it is to a point, but it never is such a big issue that it hinders the game. This is truly a game that was created to kill a few minutes as the best way to play it is in small intervals.
In my opinion the game sets itself apart, in that you don’t have to wait to continue playing. If you have money to heal you can keep battling, if not you only have to wait for your party to heal, but the heal rate is very quick, so at most it will be a minute or two wait until the next battle. There is also armor to purchase, whether it be a hipster outfit, or a cardboard box armor suit. The sky seems to have been the limit for the developer.
If you are in the mood to have a quick bit of gaming fun with zombies, and are on Facebook, then look for the game Braaains, you will not regret it. The colorful visuals and sheer in jokes that are to be found here, make this a must play game, because of it’s free price tag. Shamble over to Facebook when you get the chance so you too can experience the fun of raising your very own zombie army and battling against the world.


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