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Monday, November 22, 2010

Aaah! Zombies! Movie Review

David Brown

We all like zombie movies and/or zombie literature, that is why we are a part of this site. In all the years I have been a fan, I have asked myself, the same question that I am sure many others have asked themselves. We all know how to spot a zombie, and how to kill a zombie, but there is one question that we always ask ourselves. What is it like to live life as a zombie, how does the world appear, and how do you go through some semblance of rational day to day life? Just when I thought that I would never get a true insight into this answer, along comes Aaah! Zombies! a great black and white / color movie that aims to answer that question and more.

Unlike movies like Shaun of the Dead, or Woke Up Dead, or even Fido, we are given a comedic view of the zombie's life from the creature we care about, the zombies themselves. To set the story, Aaah! Zombies! starts by showing old government footage of doctors administering a test super soldier serum to a soldier as the head doctor explains everything. Long story short, the serum is a failure and a few orderlies get killed. We are then given a great cartoon to correspond with the classic evolution of man, except at the end of this evolution cycle is a zombie.

With the great title sequence we are given a great comedic moment as we see the doctor cover up the barrels of serum with bulk infant formula stickers. They are then put on a transport truck which crashes and gets into a bowling aley's milk supply.  The milk, which appears neon green, and is the only color in a black and white film.  At this point, the milk is used to make some ice cream which two guys and their girlfriends eat and thus become zombies.  From here, the world shifts from black and white to technicolor and they see that the world is different.

Everything sounds odd and people seem to move very differently; Almost twice the speed that they do. They are unsure of what is going on until a military Private shows up to help them as he sees that they are having the same experience that he is. Without going into anymore details, I can say that the movie continues to what would be considered a happy ending and has lots of comedy along the way. There are limbs that come off, taking heads, and even dancing zombies celebrating after a bowling win.

The movie does a great job of showing the two worlds. The perspective of the zombies perfectly mingles with that of the humans.  The only humans who can understand the zombies and not freak out are the drunk ones. The acting is top notch in this movie and the story moves along very quickly. The only downfall of this film is that it ends. There are some great moments shown in this movie and I can honestly say that I have no complaints. If you love zombie movies and a good laugh, then look no further than Ahhh! Zombies!. This is a great movie that you will just want to eat up and watch multiple times to get all the leftovers.

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  1. I personally really liked this film, a very original take on the zombie genre, and funny to boot. Plus, loved the B&W / Colour contrasting.

    However I preferred the original title that I found this under, which was "wasting away", and the green version of the cover art looked better too I felt.


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