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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zombie Shirts to “Flip” For

Travis D. Roderick

“Flip shirts” are nothing new. The premise is simple: on the inside of the shirt is an image that, when “flipped” inside out, fits over the wearer's head like an impromptu mask. They're becoming increasingly popular with sports fans, where a simple wardrobe maneuver can allow one to don the visage of one's college mascot, or even the face of a favorite player. In fact, recently spotted flip shirts have run the gamut from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to The Muppets to “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia” themes.

Capcom was perhaps the first to use the conceit with a zombie bent, with their Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles promotional t-shirt at SDCC last year. Of course, being that that shirt is over a year old and was a highly sought-after exclusive, chances of netting one for yourself are relatively slim. And with Halloween less than a week away, what's a notoriously cheap, unpaid zombie blogger...err, regular Joe or Jane, to do for a costume? Fear not, for a couple sources are coming to the rescue just in the nick of time.

Deez Teez offers both male and female zombie faces on the inside of a shirt that, externally, prompts passersby to “Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt.” While I personally find the faces to be a little small, the designs are striking and easy to read in their black-and-white-and-red color scheme.

Surely coincidentally, Etsy seller, "amberequinox" is offering similar fare, though of only male visages. (Though he/she does also offer Vampire and Monster takes on the concept, as well.) These faces are a little larger and full color (looking almost like paintings), though the shirts lack the witty message on the outside. Some may prefer that simplicity, though.

So if you're days away from a rocking Hallow's Eve party and have yet to figure out your alter ego for the event, there are worse ways to go than a “surprise” zombie for the evening. (But ladies, don't forget that the shirts are single layer; meaning, should you choose to demonstrate the tee's virtues with nothing else on underneath, you have only yourself to blame if the resulting flash has guys begging for repeat performances for the rest of the night.)

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