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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zombie Ninja Toys

Three words have been put together that haven't had me this excited since we reported about the zombie stormtrooper bust.  Mezco, creators of the sold-out and elusive zombie Mez-Itz, are bringing us another exclusive.  This time, it's a zombie ninja Mez-Itz! 

These katana-weilding assassins are limited to only 3000 pieces.  While they are a ThinkGeek exclusive, we will have a limited number in stock in the zombie toy store.  So, support your favorite sleep-deprived, overworked zombie news site host and buy them here.... In about a week.

From the ThinkGeek site:

Everyone thinks zombies are scary - but no one has really given a lot of thought to zombie variations. Think about it. What if, now just what if zombies retain some skills of the living body they have reanimated? Even if they did for a short time, it's a frightening proposition. Zombie football players might be able to run super fast (or throw heads really far); zombie car salesmen might be able to get you a "great deal" before they eat your brains; and zombie ninjas - oh goodness - zombie ninjas would be able to sneak up on your and chop out your brains without you ever knowing. And this is why we had to have the Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure made - to celebrate this truly horrific concept.

Each Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure is loaded with ripped-off-face glory, blood splatters, and general indications of ninja zombie mayhem. Also included is a zombified katana. How do we know it's zombified? Well, it's owned by a zombie - duh! One look at our Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure and you'll want to get one to spread the plague around the rest of your collection. The Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure - created just for us, just for you, just for ninja zombie infestation.



  1. Hehe, thats pretty cool actually. will have to keep an eye out. Any idea how much they tend to sell for?


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