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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Zombie Hunters

Is there anything better than a fresh take on our favorite subject? The Zombie Hunters offers us a unique view of the undead apocalypse. For the most part, it is a story we all know well: The dead rise and eat the living forever changing our way of life. Of course, if you are attacked by a zombie and survive, you contract the infecting virus. But this is where the scenario’s familiarity ends.
Like any virus, reactions to those who contract it vary. In this story, some may be infected with a dormant strain of the virus. These carriers can pass along the virus to other survivors through their bodily fluids. If a carrier dies, they will reanimate becoming a zombie. But until that moment, they are still a part of society. Or what’s left of it.
Humanity now resides on an artificial island and home of a scientific research facility. The carriers are a part of this society but are extremely segregated. Infected are marked with arm bands and their freedoms are limited restricting them to the barracks on the island. Some of the infected enlist to become part of salvage teams who travel into the cities for supplies.

Updated every Monday and created by Jenny Romanchuk, this could be the perfect way to help hold us over until The Walking Dead premiers.

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