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Friday, October 29, 2010

Plants Vs. Zombies Sprouting for the Nintendo DS

Todd Jepperson

Heads up! There’s a trailer that just popped up over on to get us all restless about the upcoming Plants Vs. Zombies for Nintendo DS. The game’s set to hit shelves in January of next year, just in time to take back all of the crap that you got for Christmas that you didn’t want anyway.

“With new achievements, a two-player versus mode and four brand new minigames, the trailer should allay fears that the game wouldn’t justify its full retail price tag. It also contains footage of a unicorn with a zombie face, nearly beating the zombie bobsled team seen in the iPhone trailer.”


  1. This game is so addicting. I'm not sure if I should be thanking you for letting me know it existed or cursing you.

    I've hooked my laptop up to a projector [so the zombies are about 2 ft tall] and actually moved a small refrigerator into the living room just so I don't have to move on the weekends.

    Even as I type this, I'm planning strategies to defeat the fog survival [hard] level. Thanks, I think.


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