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Monday, October 25, 2010

Holy Shit… Zombies! Brings the Laughs and the Undead

Dan Barkasi

If you like zombie comedies, then you have a good selection of flicks to dive in to.  However, a sparsely known gem known as “Holy Shit… Zombies!” may not have crossed your path.  This low-budget film is probably one of the most outrageous and laugh-out-loud ridiculous movies this writer has yet to see.

My awareness of this film first arose at the 2009 edition of the Horror Realm convention in Pittsburgh.  While looking over the film festival program, this one really caught the eye.  It seemed like it could be a fun, low-budget zombie movie.  A note was made to be sure to not miss this screening.  Was it ever worth it!

I’ll never forget when the creator of the film – Rick Fusselman – introduced the film.  He warned that if you were easily offended, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this movie.  And true enough, to the utterly annoying “everything must be PC” crowd, this movie is definitely not for you.  However, if you have a sense of humor that borders along crude and ridiculous, along with a love of brilliant and clever dialogue, you absolutely must see this movie.

This is actually a sequel to the equally fun “Toxic Shock Zombies,” which followed a zombie outbreak due to tampons released by a new company named Zampon are giving women “toxic shock syndrome,’ hence turning them into flesh eating zombies.  “Holy Shit… Zombies!” picks up with that theme, following a cast of characters who equal the hilarity of the movie’s premise.

The film centers around two unemployed slackers, one of which buys a massive flat screen TV that they cannot afford.  So, what do they do to pay it off?  Naturally, they become Avon salesmen!  As they go about trying to earn some cash, the zombie outbreak is happening all around them.

Also, two redneck guys are also followed, with the duo going out on a deer-hunting trip.  They also are initially unaware of the zombie outbreak, but soon are inundated with the living dead, thinking that they are “cannibal deer.”  I kid you not!

Both twosomes meet up several times during the film, including the insane ending where they must depend on each other to survive.

The best way to describe this movie is Clerks, with zombies.  The long-running conversations that these guys have are undoubtedly some of the funniest, most off-the-wall material I’ve ever seen in a movie, including some redneck humor that is out of this world great.  You really need to see this movie to believe it, as it’s difficult to describe just how funny this movie is.  Not going to delve into comedic details, as to not spoil the freshness of the humor.

There’s some fun gore as well, including a zombie dragging a fetus by its umbilical cord being one example.  The special effects are cheesy in a very good way, which is what you’d want and expect from a movie such as this.

If you have a twisted sense of humor and love insane low-budget horror movies that don’t take themselves too seriously, then “Holy Shit… Zombies!” is most definitely for you.  I left the initial screening of this movie in literal tears from laughing so hard, and numerous other viewings have had the same effect.  The highest of recommendations!

You can grab yourself a copy of "Holy Shit… Zombies!" at the official DSK Productions website.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words of the "film" haha! Rick posted the link on his FB & it sounds like you 'get it' when it comes to the DSK releases. This helped make my day!

    Bubba Hodgekins


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