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Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Early Review of The Walking Dead Series

David Brown

I was overjoyed to receive an advanced copy of the new series the Walking Dead from AMC and Director Frank Darabont. I have to be up front when I say this; this series is set to redefine the way that zombies interact with television. I will describe my happiness by retelling the first few minutes. In the beginning, we see the main character Rick walking amongst the burnt out and crashed remains of many cars as he happens upon an abandoned gas station. He is alone, or so he thinks until he hears shuffling footsteps. It is then that he gets on the ground and looks beneath cars to see the shambling legs as they approach a teddy bear. Hands reach down and pick up the bear to clutch it close. He then gets up to venture around the car to see a young girl in a robe shambling away. He calls to her checking to see if she needs help to which she turns around and we get the first glimpse of a zombie from The Walking Dead. I will go no further as what happens must be seen to believe.

Keep in mind the above description is the first few minutes. It is this sense of urgency and the fact that everything is told from the views of regular people. There are no super cops here, only a real man thrust into a situation that he has no comprehension of, or control over. As characters are introduced we see that there is much potential for the series. The casting here is spot on and really seems to get the right actors to portray the characters. Rick is thrust into the world of the zombie apocalypse after awakening from a coma as a result of injuries in a shootout. The story moves along at such a brisk pace that you cannot help but be glued to the screen as the introduction to everything plays out. I can give nothing but praise to this series.

The costumes and sets truly mirror those of the graphic novel and truly bring in not only fans of the series but zombie lovers, and drama lovers alike. This is a zombie series, but also includes enough drama as the human condition is examined. The makeup and zombie effects are in the spotlight here and truly bring so much here. Never before on television have zombies been given so much life. The makeup is discomforting as you see the ravaging effects of a virus such as this one. There are also many instances where you truly feel as scared, tense, and claustrophobic as the characters in the drama themselves. I don’t want to go into too many details of the show or its makeup and creature designs, but from the images we have already been shown, rest assured that this is one series that doesn’t disappoint.

Even though I have only had the chance to see one episode, I am happy to say that this is going to be a much needed revival for zombies in the mainstream. This will be the must watch show of the season on AMC. The actual premiere of the show will be Sunday October 31st at 10:00PM and the pilot is slated to run around 90 minutes on television. It will be interesting to see how the show plays out and where it goes from here. The pilot is so full of potential that one can only look on with anticipation as the series progresses. There will be action, there will be drama, there will be moments of sadness, and there will be Zombies. Make sure you do not miss this event as it is a great show that everyone will love.

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