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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Danny Boyle On Board for 28 Months Later

While many still debate if 28 Days Later (or 28 Weeks Later) is a zombie film, few can deny its appeal to fans of the genre.  True, they are "infected" and not undead, but Days/Weeks are must-watch movies for any zombie fan.  Besides, Danny Boyle makes amazing films.  Sunshine?  Trainspotting?  The Beach?

Digital Spy reports that Boyle "would be keen to both write and direct" a sequel to 28 Days Later.  They are also quick to point out that 28 Days screenwriter, Alex Garland, was quoted in Worst Previews as saying a rights dispute may delay a new film.  But still... Danny Boyle wants a third part to the 28 Days franchise!

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