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Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebrity Zombie Organs?

Sharon Seng

Two horribly fun gift ideas just in time for the zombie fanatic’s holiday shopping season!!

First, feast your brains, I mean eyes, on Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Undead Exposed now out in paperback form!! This hysterical take on the rich and famous and their exploits as the undead will be a treasure!!

Second, there’s an entertaining new iPad app called the Zombie Organ HD app by Applesauce, now this bit of fun is probably best suited for use at your Halloween party or as a holiday treat for your ‘tween! Scroll down for a quick glimpse of game play.  Then, if you want to really check out the app, it is only 99 cents through iTunes

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    you have received this award by me, well deserved... one big happy zombie family



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