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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Win A Jet Black Berries CD

If the name "Jet Black Berries" does not sound familiar, what about the name "Return of the Living Dead"?  So, Jet Black Berries who was featured on the original soundtrack of Return of the Living Dead are celebrating the release of their latest CD by giving two copies away to ZT readers!  To enter, email your name and address to  Two winners will be selected on October 22nd.

To purchase your copy of the CD now, head over to CD Baby.  The digital album is available as well through Amazon, Itunes, and other download retailers.  Check out the official Jet Black Berries Facebook and MySpace pages.  A huge "Thank You" to Jet Black Berries for providing this opportunity.

The Jet Black Berries gained ominous notoriety as one of the bands that contributed to the “Return of the Living Dead” soundtrack along with the Cramps, the Damned and the legendary Roky Erickson. The Jet Black Berries released 3 albums in the mid to late 80’s on Restless and Enigma Records. The band broke up in 1989.....but zombies are hard to kill.........
20 years later three of the band's original members, bass player/writer Gary Trainer, lead guitarist Chris Yockel and drummer/writer Roy Stein find themselves through an unusual set of circumstances together in an upstate recording studio one afternoon. Roy is engineering another session and his two old chums dropped in to check things out and give him a hard time. They talk about recording in the old days vs. the new digital era and how fantastic it is that now you can get your music recorded and out to people to hear in just hours. The studio is chocked full of gear, the session is band phones up a young local guitarist and singer they really admire named Johnny Cummings (yes Ramones' fans that's his real name) and 3 hours later the band has recorded Gardens of Delight. Back from the grave and ready to party the band digs up their original keyboardist/organist Mark Schwartz and head into the studio to have a blast and record some more tunes.
A few months later Bug Music, one of the world's largest publishing companies hears the new tunes. Bug loves the sound and the band signs a deal with Bug Digital. The fabulous folks at Bug will be releasing the resurrected band's first full length CD in October of 2010.
So here we go again for another round....four zombies and a punk kid. Hopefully you will enjoy the new songs and it serves the legacy of the band well.

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