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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Walking Dead Already Shambling Into Second Season

AMC has already picked up a 13 episode second season of it's comic book adaptation, The Walking Dead!  This is before a single frame has even been shown on television!  Empire was able to bring us other great news about the upcoming second season.  For starters, it will begin filming in February.  Director, Frank Darabont, had much to say about bringing us the second season:

“It would be great not just to get out of the heat, but to present a different idea to the audience visually and tonally by having it be winter. There’s some really cool stuff that Kirkman did, where they find the one zombie that’s frozen to the ground. I’d never seen that before and that’s really cool.”

And who can forget Michonne?

“When she shows up – and boy, is she a character I can’t wait to get to – when she comes striding out of the wasteland like a Clint Eastwood f***ing spaghetti Western character cross-melded with some samurai movie, like the Baby Cart character with the f***ing sword, and there’s just a little drift of snow in the air. I would love to put that on film.”

I can honestly say that I have not been this excited for something zombie related.  It's going to take some serious effort to mess this one up.  And if we get stuck with an actor who stinks?  They get killed.  Because the comic has already proven that nobody is sacred.

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