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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insidious - movie preview

David  Brown

What do you get when you combine the minds behind Saw and Paranormal Activity? You get a movie directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, co-creators of Saw, and produced by Jason Blum, Steven Schneider, and Oren Peli, famous for Paranormal Activity. Alongside them, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones joins on to executive produce.

Insidious looks to be a return to the style of films like Poltergeist where evil sprits confront a family moving into a new house. According to a blurb on the website of the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film premiered earlier this month, Insidious “transcends the real-estate spookiness of previous concepts like Amityville Horror, forging a genre-bending experiment that has more in common with Carnival of Lost Souls.

The movie involves Josh and Renai, played respectively by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, and their three young children. Tragedy strikes their youngest son, and Josh and Renai start to experience things that science cannot explain. One thing is for sure, this movie looks to scare audiences. From the clip that has been released by the studio, you see that there is a lot going on in a small confined space with the sense of drama and agony all being portrayed at once. This is simply a movie about a family trying to save a comatose boy from an unseen evil. This is truly shaping up to be a movie that returns to the basic premise of good versus evil that so many movies have since forgotten. This will be one to watch when it gets released and one that I will certainly not hesitate to go see.

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