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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zombies Existed 48 Million Years Ago

Zombies existed 48 million years ago?  Yup...  Sorta.  We reported in a previous post some scientific reasons a real zombie apocalypse could really happen.  One of those reasons cited the mind-controlling power a fungus has over ants.  And this isn't the only time such a phenomenon has been found in nature. 

Basically, a fungus controls the mind and actions of its host.  In this case, an ant, begins to act like a zombie taking itself to the highest point it can find.  Once there, it grasps onto the leaf in what is referred to as a "Death Grip" while it dies.  Once dead, the fungus begins to sprout out of the ant where it can release spores.  The spores spread and start the cycle over again.

Scientists have discovered evidence in a fossilized leaf proving that this behavioral modification has been taking place for over 48 million years!  So how long until this fungus evolves and mutates into one that possesses humans to crave flesh?

Oh, and the pic above?  Said fungus growing out of the back of dead ant's head.

Source: New Scientist


  1. Wow, I've never heard the zombie angle before but I know that some agricultural-chemical company is looking into fungus as a pesticide. Perhaps a brain controlling fungus is on it's way.

  2. God damn, that is some creepy sh-t.

  3. Well Corey, if said agri-co is called Umbrella Corp, be afraid. Be very afraid.


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