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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Zombie news has been a little slow for a change and I can't say that I mind much.  Truth is, I'm becoming a bit overwhelmed.  My being overwhelmed usually translates into good things for ZT readers, though.  So I'll start by letting everyone know what we're working on for the reminder of the year. 

The exciting news is that there are plenty of great contests lined up.  I believe that there will be a Sourpuss Clothing and a Horror Signs contest each month!  There's also more shirts to give away from our friends at TShirt Bordello.  Another friend of ZT, Billy Tackett, will be making another appearance with some items for you to take home.  For those of you with time to read (lucky), there is going to be at least two more book contests in addition to this month's contest to win The Angels Are Reapers.  In fact, confirmed thus far is Tales of Woe!  One of the contests I'm most looking forward to is for a complete set of over 50 very unique zombie miniatures valued at over $200!  Of course, there are more surprises in the works and we're working hard to make new friends you should like. 

Details of the second Undead Bazaar will be official by year's end and we will begin accepting participation requests.  Having bit off more than I could chew with the first one (nom), the second bazaar will have a limited number of available participants and will adhere to a one-month time length.  For participants of the first bazaar reading, I have not forgotten that several of you have not received your "thank you" bag of ZT fun. 

The Zombie Toy Store is growing and I'm constantly looking for fun and interesting things to stock.  A huge "thank you" to everyone who purchases their zombie goods there.  In the works, also, is a "donate" feature.  It won't be a typical donation-type thing.  There will basically be different Zombies & Toys fun packs that your will receive for helping out.  So, it's more of a purchase than a donation.  Just as a small example of site costs, think that shipping for each contest prize can range from $3 to $10.  And so far, there are 7 contests this month alone.

Finally, our last two convention appearances this year will be at Horror Realm and Steel City Con.  Horror Realm is Sept. 17th - 19th in Southern Pittsburgh.  Steel City Con is Dec. 3rd - 5th in Monroeville.  We are hoping to venture out a bit further next year with our convention appearances.


  1. Would love to see you at Phoenix Comic Convention Next year.

  2. *cough* MotorCity Comic Con cough*

    When I went this past may, they had a zombie addition to their regular costume contest.


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