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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google Maps' Street View Zombie Game

What we have here is an extremely interesting and very different zombie game. You begin by entering your age and the zip code of your address. After this, the Google street view zooms in to an area you are most likely familiar with. You navigate through your city traveling to an area where someone needs rescued. As you travel through the streets you are attacked by zombies. Only a shot to the head (obviously) will put the zombies out of their misery.

The game is free, fun, and allows you to shoot zombies in front of your own home. While playing, I kept thinking about how the future of gaming is changing. It was a very cool experience being able to navigate through my neighborhood and shoot zombies in familiar territory. Another fun feature of the game happens when you die. You have the ability to link the game to your Facebook profile. If you are killed, your Facebook profile picture is zombified and your friends must come to your aid for a rescue.

However, the game is basically an advertisement for Virgin Trains. You are rescuing public transpiration victims who have been zombified by their boring commute. Your weapon of choice? A train ticket dispenser gun. The game is definitely worth playing and you can be your own judge by heading over here.

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