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Friday, July 9, 2010

Horror Signs Are Back!

Our friends over at Horror Signs have been kind enough to sponsor some more contests! There signs are fantastic! They are made of sturdy aluminum and are lettered with computer cut 6 year automotive grade outdoor vinyl. I have the "Zombie Shelter" one on the entrance door to my media room and would pollute others throughout my home if I were allowed.

We have a few signs and magnets that we will be giving away throughout the rest of the year. We also have some of the designs for sale in The Zombie Toy Store. To view all of Horror Signs offerings, make sure to visit their site.

The first item we will be giving away is the Zombie Survival Program sign. To enter, email your name and address to We will choose one winner at the end of the month who can also expect some Zombies & Toys swag!

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  1. I've always wanted some kind of "WARNING: WATCH FOR UNDEAD" sign.


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