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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Will AMC's "The Walking Dead" Zombies Run?

Frank Darabont is bringing us what may possibly be (and if not, should) the most anticipated zombies to grace our televisions. "The Walking Dead" is the gospel of zombie stories. Well, at least I think so. The point is, there is a lot riding on Darabont's ability to bring the fans what they want. Fans of the comic will be scrutinizing and no doubt new fans will be eagerly awaiting the verdict. One question on most everyone's mind is this: Will The Walking Dead's walking dead walk or will they run?

There's a great Q&A on the AMC site with Frank Darabont that I suggest you all go read. But to answer the question on all of your minds... well, let us allow Mr. Darabont to explain:

"There are the folks who just can't stand seeing zombies running. I'm kind of in that camp, but if you look at the very first zombie in Night - the one in the cemetery chasing Barbara, he gets up to a pretty good jog. I'm keying our zombie behavior off of that film: Whether they're in a very languid state or they're on the attack, they'll move no faster than that first zombie in Night of the Living Dead."

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