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Friday, June 4, 2010

Star Wars Death Troopers Collectibles

Some may recall an earlier post announcing a new Star Wars novel unlike any other. The novel, Death Troopers, by Joe Shreiber combined the two things that account for at least 90% of my toy collection: Star Wars and zombies! While that combination fulfilled my wildest geek dreams, that combination is about to be trumped.

The vast majority of my toy collection consists of statues, busts, and maquettes manufactured by Gentle Giant Studios. These hand painted and numbered toys, collectibles are without a doubt at the top of my list. So my favorite manufacturer of collectibles has announced a mini-bust of zombie Storm Troopers!

There are two versions being released with an edition size of 2,500. It is unclear if it is 2,500 each or combined. One version has interchangeable limbs and a split open helmet. This version is currently only available to Gentle Giant Collectors Club members via their website. The other version still features a great pose and paint applications but does away with the broken helmet. Both versions come with a paperback copy of Joe Shreiber's book. There is a possibility we will have these available in the Zombie Toy Store.

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  1. yep, nothing like a pack of undead stormtroopers to give some flavor to start the morining, all those figures and the comics "Tales from the dark sides"is the perfect complement to increase your hate about the rotten heads.


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