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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles' The Dead, Life-Sized?

The greatest in-house zombie collectibles you will find are now getting bigger. "The Dead" by Sideshow Collectibles, has seen several different incarnations. The line began as run of 12" figures with amazing detail and accessories. Their first character from this line, Patient Zero, is now demanding $300 or more on Ebay.

While their line of 12" figures continues, Sideshow took The Dead a step further by offering them as part of their Premium Format line. These are 1/4 scale statues that demand attention. Again, launching with Patient Zero, the premium format figures retail at around $250 and are simply stunning. A review of Patient Zero can be found here.
Adding a bit of cartoon to the line, Sideshow later introduced the first vinyl figure from The Dead, Mort. He was available in two limited versions, color and black and white. Both have been sold out but there is one color version left in stock in the Zombie Toy Store.

The Dead line began to spread like a zombie virus throughout Sideshow's offerings. The recently sold-out trio of busts, The Specimen, added a bit of scientific discovery. As part of Sideshow's Legendary Scale line, these figures were about 1/2 scale. Here's the review, buy them in the Zombie Toy Store.

Well... now Patient Zero is back! This time as a life-sized 1:1 scale bust. Yup. For those of you who really want to be freaked out at night, you can now own an incredibly detailed zombie bust. Pre-orders will begin June 10th. We will post more news and photos as they become available.

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