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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sacred Flesh - presented by The Undead Bazaar

Amy Rosebrock has been selling wares as Sacred Flesh on Etsy for about two years. You may find it interesting to know that Amy has been creative since a child. Or you may find it interesting that prior to feeling more comfortable with Etsy, she sold her crafts on Ebay. What I find interesting, however, is that Amy is an honest to goodness fire dancer! Really, Amy? “Yup, really. For seven years I traveled all over the U.S. performing a choreographed show with my old partner. Our duet was called Shunka Peta. We worked with different groups and shows as well as small circuses and numerous corporate entertainment companies performing a wide array of fire implements from fire eating to double staff, fire fans to poi and many more!” It’s almost a shame we’re here to talk zombies as I’d love to know more about fire performing.

Amy works with soft fleece, vintage ceramics, wood, paints, Shrinky Dink plastic, and more. Yes, Shrinky Dinks. “I paint, draw, color, and cut out each image and then bake them, seal them, put them on a necklace and TaDa!!!!” Inspiration for Sacred Flesh, not surprisingly, comes from zombies. But I’m sure you already knew that. Amy clues us in on more, “I'm absolutely in love with dia de los meutos (Day of the Dead) so I do find a ton of inspiration from that holiday.”

Earliest zombie memory? "I grew up southern Baptist... So stories of Jesus being resurrected were always being told... That said my earliest knowledge of Zombies would have had to been from the Bible... however I never thought of the word zombie until after I was introduced to Romero movies at around age 10 or 11...”

Any favorite zombie books, movies, or games?
“Right now I'm hooked on Borderlands and in one of the expansions there is a zombie world. I absolutely love that game! I can appreciate any and all zombie flicks be them horrible b- rate horror, scary, or even up to date main stream. I just have an undying love for them :P”

You were just bitten by a zombie. Don't even try to lie, I saw it. Do you want me to shoot you or walk away and let you change?
“I say give me a grenade and at least let me take out as many of those rotting bastards as I can, as well as myself.”

If we were to make a toy of you, would you be a zombie or a survivor?
“Hmm… good question.... I would be a survivor. More like a fire warrior type doll.”

What accessories would you come with?
“Oh yeah a girl loves accessories!!! I would of course have tons of fire poi that I could launch out at the zombies and light up their worlds. I would have to come with a Scoped SKS because I am a great shot with one of those babies already, and I don't even want to get close and personal with a zombie. I'll take my chances from a safe distance. Lots of grenades, too, ‘cause I love to watch things go BOOOOOOOM!"


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