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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D. Ryan Allen - presented by The Undead Bazaar

D. Ryan Allen first created his zombie coloring book, Shades of Decay, about three years ago for a zombie arts and crafts show. It only seems fitting that his books found their way into the hands of Zombies & Toys in time for The Undead Bazaar.

Ryan creates a limited edition sketchbook for each solo art show he hosts. He explains that “A few years ago I made a Halloween activity book and a super hero activity book.” With a feature in a zombie showing, it only seemed logical to make the zombie sketch book. This book is the beginning of what became Shades of Decay. Besides his zombie books, Ryan will soon be sculpting and casting limited edition zombie busts.

With any luck, we’ll see more of Ryan's zombies here in the future. If nothing else, you can expect to see Volume 2 of Ryan’s zombie book. Yes, volume 2! “There's still plenty of fun zombies to color, but I added a few activities and a zombie mask to cut out and wear on the back cover.” Finally, a coloring book I can enjoy with my kids!

What was your first exposure to zombies?
"When I was a little kid I caught Night of the Living Dead on late night TV. I came across it after it started and not knowing exactly what I was watching. I was scared and hooked all at the same time. By the end of the movie I was wondering where my dad kept the hammer, nails and lumber... you know, just in case."

Favorite zombie movie, book, or game?
"Movie: Dawn of the Dead, both the original and the remake. I have to say I was a bit pissed when I heard they were going to remake it. How could they dare mess with a classic. I eventually broke down, watched it and loved it. I have to say I didn't miss the pie fight scene."

If you were bitten, would you want to change or ask to be shot?
"Shot, please... out of a catapult, while wearing a vest of explosives, into the middle of the zombie horde. Take some them with me and leave a funny and memorable death for the survivors to talk about. "Hey do you remember that guy we shot out of a catapult into that army of rotters?""

We are making a toy of you; would you be a zombie or a survivor? What accessories would you come with?
"I'd like a survivor figure, with all the gear a zombie fighter needs. Kind of like the old G.I. Joe figures... They came with a ton of weapons and equipment. Plus, fuzzy hair on the figure would be cool too. I wonder if that fuzz would make my bald spot stand out? Maybe, there could be a zombie version as a chase figure."

Ryan does not currently have a website available. However, his book can be purchased at The Zombie Toy Store.

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  1. Ooooo! I have a new box of Crayola's! The drawing is fantastic!


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