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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Win A Sculpt Of Yourself As A Zombie

Philip Hynes is offering readers of Zombies & Toys a unique opportunity. Some of you may recognize Phil's great sculpting and painting talents that have been featured here before. He is the sculptor of the Dead Ringers that have been mentioned before. He is also solely responsible for the Zombies & Toys exclusive bust. We will be featuring his zombie Santa in an upcoming Bazaar feature and selling some of his works in the Zombie Toy Store. And his blog is a great place to see some exclusive pics of his work.

We are currently working on featuring sculpted zombie magnets in the Zombie Toy Store and want you to be one! If you would like to see your zombified likeness as a sculpted magnet, email a picture of yourself to Oh, but wait... the picture needs to be of you as a zombie. It can be a picture of yourself from a zombie walk you were in, a digitally altered photograph, or go paint your face and take a picture. One winner will be selected to have their likeness sculpted!

Understand that if you win, your zombified image will be sold as a magnet in the Zombie Toy Store. If your image is chosen, we will send you one magnet for yourself along with some Zombies & Toys swag. The winner will be selected sometime in mid-June and we will announce the specific date shortly.


  1. HOLY MOTHER OF KICK ASS!!! Sent mine in!

  2. you all come running... guess what i do at my site... zombies, zombies, zombies...

  3. Oh! How amazing! I love his work. Those magnets will be so cool!

  4. My the ugliest most decomposing zombie win:)

  5. When will the winner be announced?


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