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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just another "update" post to let everyone know what's in store in the coming months here at Zombies & Toys...

As I have said in the past, my lack of updates definitely does not translate to a lack of work. The Undead Bazaar has been taking up the majority of my time this month. I have been slightly overwhelmed and have some new participants. Therefore, The Undead Bazaar is going to extend into June. We still have plenty of artists to cover and great items to give away! Speaking of, our first contest will have a winner chosen this weekend so don't forget to enter now!

We have been steadily stocking new items in the Zombie Toy Store. We have added several new art collectible toys, movie figures, and some vintage zombie toys. We do not ask for donations to keep the blog running and never will. But we will soon have "swag bag" items in the toy store. These swag bags will vary in content and price containing stickers, buttons, key chains, shirts, mouse pads, and other items to show your support for Zombies & Toys.

Speaking of showing your support, we are "toying" with the idea of recruiting for a street team. Specifics have not been worked out, but if you would like to help our community grow by displaying postcard fliers, stickers, buttons, and other items please contact Jason at with your suggestions of how you can help.

There will be plenty of great contests throughout the summer and beyond! Sourpuss Clothing will be back with some zombie accessories. Fright Rags has some great shirts to give away. Zombie Ammo has sent us some zombie target sets to help you prepare for the apocalypse. FearWerx will be back with some more of their great zombie items. Horror Signs has more sweet signs, stickers, and magnets to give away. Zombie Blood will be awarding 3 lucky readers 4-packs of their Zombie Blood energy drink (exclusive contest for facebook fans).

Zombies & Toys will also be sponsoring a contest with our good friends over at Toy Break. For those not in the know, Toy Break is a weekly show about... well... toys. It's a show I look forward to every week. We have sent them an exclusive Zombies & Toys zombie bust hand sculpted and painted by Philip Hynes!

Don't forget to join the discussions on the Zombies & Toys facebook page and be updated with news posts by following us on Twitter. There are often exclusive contests and bonus entries to those who take part. Finally, if you have zombie news you would like to announce or have any comments, contact me at

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