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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some George Romero Contests

Just a heads-up to you, the dear readers, of Zombies & Toys. There are a few contests going on right now where you can win some George Romero swag. is giving away a Survival of the Dead poster autographed by George A. Romero and a copy of “The Walking Dead” autographed by Romero and illustrator Charlie Adler. The contest is open to US residents only and concludes on June 24.

I do find it odd that they had Romero autograph a copy of a comic created by Robert Kirkman. Not that I wouldn't want an issue of The Walking Dead autographed by Romero.

The other contest is being offered by and is for a slim Playstation 3 autographed by George Romero. Again, I'd like Romero's autograph. And I'd like a slim Playstation 3. I don't, however, think I'd want them mixed together. But did I enter anyway? Heck yeah!

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  1. What odd choices for products to have George Romero autograph. It's like asking William Shatner to autograph a Millennium Falcon model kit.

    Still... it'd be nice to have that Playstation... :)

    Thanks for passing the info along!


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