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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Philip Hynes - presented by The Undead Bazaar

Our next featured artist for The Undead Bazaar is no stranger to Zombies & Toys. Philip Hynes was first featured here as the sculpture for Dead Ringers. A joint project with Martin Whitmore, Dead Ringers gives you the opportunity to have a custom sculpture of yourself as a zombie made. More recently, Philip has begun to produce more solo works many of which have been announced on his blog. He does plenty of commission work including wedding cake toppers and several items for Zombies & Toys. “I make caricatures for friends and work colleagues,” Phil explains. “I made one for a friend who was leaving work and then everyone else wanted one when they left. I do enjoy that they get something personal that they genuinely like; It’s better than a clock. Making zombies is lots more fun, though.”

When did you first start sculpting and when did you begin to sculpt zombies?
“I'm serving in the Royal Air Force. Six years ago I was stationed in Scotland and 350 miles from home, I couldn't go to the Pub every night and I needed something to fill my spare time, so after seeing some Superhero sculpts in a Comic book store I had a cunning idea. I made my first Zombie several years ago, the first look alike Zed was for Martin Whitmore, after I saw he was as passionate about Zombies than I was.”

Have you done any professional sculpting work or has it always been a hobby?
“It's always been a hobby and I'm still learning a little from every project I make. Sometimes I have fluffy ideas about one day being able to make a living from my artwork. I really enjoy what I do and if it grows into something bigger then all the better, but I won't hold my breath. I did get a 28mm Zombie Surfer picked up by Hassle free miniatures, which was very encouraging.”

Phil’s amazing pieces have included the now sold-out Zombies & Toys exclusive “Half-Dead Fred” bust, the Dead Ringer me that was reviewed, and a custom head I commissioned to place atop one of my Clone Trooper busts. Up next for Phil will be a Zombie Santa for sale exclusively on Zombies & Toys. These will be cast in resin and hand-painted. While there will only be 3 of these guys up for sale, the original sculpted piece is being given away right here as part of The Undead Bazaar!

Phil is also producing a small number of zombie head magnets to be sold in the Zombie Toy Store. To make things fun for our readers, Phil is graciously accepting submissions to have your image chosen as one of the zombies to be made! Details on how you can have this opportunity can be found here.

Those who shed a tear at the knowledge of missing your opportunity to pick up a Half-Dead Fred bust will be happy to know that there is one left being given away by Toy Break! Phil’s Custom Sculpts along with Zombies & Toys has donated one of only 6 pieces produced to be given away. Details on how you can easily take home this piece can be found by viewing the Toy Break episode announcing the contest (which you should watch anyway) or by heading over to the Toy Break Forums. Details will be announced on Toy Break episode 122.

What and when was your first exposure to zombies?
“Night of the Living Dead started it all for me...... or was it the Thriller video? Whichever, I've been a fan ever since.”

If you were being made into a toy, would you be a zombie or a survivor? What accessories would you come with?
“I would have to be a survivor. As I live in the UK we don't have any access to firearms, so my accessories will have to be a frying pan, dustbin lid and a crowbar (which I bought under the pretence of ripping out an old bathroom, but secretly it's in case of Zombies).”

If you were bitten, would you want to change or be shot?
“I would want to change, if only for the irony of having made Zombies and then finally becoming one myself. I would also have to be outside and free, not stuck in a cellar or a cupboard.”


  1. Those sculptures are wicked awesome!

  2. Yeah, Phil is seriously very talented.

  3. Phil is just amazing. His attention to detail blows me away. Not to mention, a really great guy. He could absolutely make a career of art. A true talent.

  4. yeah! Love Santa! Super talented.

  5. Thank you for the support. I'm really excited to be working with Zombies and Toys and I'm looking forward to lots of Zombie related projects. I'll be starting work on the magnets this week.


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