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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Replicants - featured by The Undead Bazaar

You're reading in a zombie blog about crafts with the name "Little Replicants". I know what you must be thinking: "gruesome, miniature zombie replicas". Right? Well, that guess would not be entirely false. There are zombie and zombie related Little Replicants. But there is so much more...

Little Replicants are the are the result of a self-taught model sculptor who happens to enjoy horror movies. The talented hands responsible for the Little Replicants, Deana, actually started the line as a joke. She had been sculpting bears for family members and decided to make a bear look like Pinhead form the movie Hellraiser. "Friends thought the piece was adorable and the Replicants were born."

Deana has been creating and selling Little Replicants for nearly six years. With prices ranging from $40 to $50, it is unlikely you will not find a replicant you do not recognize. Everything from Star Wars and The Terminator to comic book heroes and childhood characters have been recreated as Little Replicants. Don't worry if your favorite movie character is not represented in Replicant style, custom requests are welcome at no additional charge! "The idea was to make custom pieces extra money but I haven't really enforced that yet." So, act fast before she changes her mind! "The most memorable custom request was a strange Sean Connery piece from some bad SciFi movie he did," Deana adds.

Little Replicants are made almost entirely from colored clay. There are no foreign colors or details added... almost. "The only foreign thing I use on them is chain because you can't properly sculpt chain and I also use real pins for Pinhead. Small metal things like chain and metal pins enhance the characters."

While Deana's favorite Little Replicant is Darkness from the movie Legend, mine is... well... I think I'm partial to the Robocop one. But that's only because I didn't see a Boba Fett (hint, hint). I'm curious to hear who you would like to see get the Little Replicants treatment. For sharing your two cents, you will be entered in a drawing to win your very own Dr. Tongue Little Replicant! For details on this Undead Bazaar contest sponsored by Little Repliants, follow this link. Don't forget to keep checking The Undead Bazaar main page for updates throughout the month.

Find the Little Replicants on their home page, FaceBook, and MySpace.

Of course Deana didn't forget our favorite questions...

"If I was bitten by a zombie...I'd like to stay alive. I'd like to use my new disease to infect people who deserve to suffer. LOL Or how about Julie from ROTLD3? She was pretty sexy."

"If you guys were going to create a toy...either make me a sexy Julie zombie OR really, I'd prefer to be a survivor with chainsaw, a gun, some hand grenades...I'm not really sure how to answer the accessories question...LOL."

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