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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have Your Revenge and Eat Zombies

We recently brought you news of the new Zombie Blood energy drink (which we will soon have in stock in the Zombie Toy Store). But drinking zombie blood may not be enough for some folks. That's why there is Zombie Jerky!

No, I'm not kidding. The blueish gray "meat" is the latest product currently being offered in Japan. The zombie jerky will cost you 399 yen or about $4.50. Is it sad that if I saw this I would actually buy it? Is it sadder still that I would even try it?

“Zombie Meat,” an exquisite new Japanese snack for the horror
enthusiast, consists of bite-sized chunks of tender blue flesh that,
according to the package, has been aged to deadly perfection at the

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  1. Oh! I'd HAVE to buy it but not sure I'd want to taste it! You're a brave person. ;)


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