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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zombie Turtles are Dangerous

Who says ninja turtles are the most dangerous kind? Well... my son probably. But he hasn't seen this magnificent painting by Alexander Landa. Appropriately titled, "Zombie Turtles are Dangerous", it features the most fearsome of forest creatures chasing after its prey. Poor guy, as if a live turtle isn't slow enough. Landa shares that he first "...drew it with pencils and then did some colors in photoshop."

To see more of Alexander Landa's work, you can visit his blog, Darktoons. There is also a fan site on Facebook. He has a nice variety of images so make sure to check him out.

image featured with kind permission from Alexander Landa


  1. Can't get more slow moving than a zombie turtle! Great artwork.

  2. That's fantastic. Great find. And thanks for sharing.

  3. jajajajaja oh my what a funny pic!!! now what is the next animal to be zombify, a elephant? no I remember that this animal is already used in Resident Evil Outbreak.


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