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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Undead Animal Art

While this may not necessarily be zombie news, it is interesting and should appeal to many readers. Our friends at have an amazing feature and interview with artist, Lisa Black. Lisa creates pieces of art from taxidermy animals and machine parts. The finished product, to me, looks like a cyberpunk animal.

Here's a little taste, but I recommend you head over to and enjoy the interview and photos in their entirety.

"I try to create my work as realistically and originally as possible. Using taxidermy allows me to create my work as closely to my original idea as possible."


  1. That is some of the most insane and cool schtuff I have ever seen!
    Reminds me of the famous Taxidermy shop in France that burnt down and was memorialized in a hauntingly beautiful art book.
    Thanks for the link!


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