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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Even More More Even More Zombie Jesus Day

So you thought some Zombie Jesus Day images were nice. So we gave you more. Then we gave you even more. So we top that by giving you more even more images. How do we top that? By giving you even more of the more even more Zombie Jesus Day images!!

Zombie Jesus Day better get here already... I'm starting to confuse myself.


  1. Wait a minute? why you did a Zombie Jesus Day? I think you are completely insane. I just can't believe this information.

  2. Insane? Thanks for the compliment! Seriously, though, think about it... a man dies and then rises from the dead. My dictionary defines that as a zombie. This one just happens to be named "Jesus". This act is celebrated as a holiday known as Easter. We're just calling it what it is.


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