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Friday, April 30, 2010

Abomination Nursery - presented by The Undead Bazaar

The Undead Bazaar begins with Abomination Nursery's Armgardt Richter Rose. For updates and links throughout the month, make sure to keep an eye on The Undead Bazaar main page.

Abomination Nursery is another one of those names that should sound familiar to readers of Zombies & Toys. We featured Abomination Nursery and their undead babies about a year ago and we are thrilled to have them back. The brand Abomination Nursery was spawned by artist Armgardt Richter Rose in 2006 by a desire to turn thrift store treasures into horror art.

The website,, was launched in November of 2008 after giving a doll to a friend as a birthday gift. “The first porcelain doll on the site, Orianna Chantal, is that doll. It was so fun making that doll that I had to keep going.”

So, what has changed, stayed the same, and in the future for Abomination Nursery? ARR informs us that although the finished doll numbers have gone down, there is still plenty in the pipeline. “I’ve been collecting many dolls and doll parts from flea markets and thrift stores and am currently working on a couple different projects right now”, ARR shares. “For the future, I’m looking to change up the website and add a merchandise section where people can get some Abomination Nursery stuff.”

You were first featured on ZT because your works were referred to as "zombie babies". Is that the effect you are going for or is it just a coincidence? As an artist, does that label bother you if it was not the interpretation you intended for your work?
"I started off just wanting to make horror art that was interesting to view. I was never aiming to make realistic mutilated babies. I started referring to my dolls as zombies to help people keep them in the realm of fiction. Most, if not all, of my creations have open eyes, and some are even smiling, so they don’t look dead, they look undead. I’m not bothered by anyone’s interpretation, some people have called them ‘cute’."

With your creations being part doll, part sculpture, what do you call them?
"Even though it seems a little ‘girly’, I usually call them dolls or babies. The porcelain dolls aren’t really babies though, and neither are things like the ‘Macabre Candelabra’. When referring to any of it, I just call it art."

You have a warning on your website; are there people that seriously get that offended? Any interesting stories?
"I put the warning up as a way to take some responsibility for the macabre art I make. Horror fans aren’t really bothered by fake blood ‘n guts, but for those that are, I just wanted to give them a heads up. I have received some nasty e-mails from people letting me know their dislike for my art and giving me some advice on how I can better use my talents. I still have yet to make realistic “reborn babies” or “faeries”."

Armgardt Richter Rose can be reached at for those interested in purchasing one of these “dolls”. If you have admired the Zombies & Toys logo feel free to contact Armgardt for your own commissioned piece, “If it sounds like fun, I’m in!” And to hold you over until Abomination Nursery’s merchandise store is up and running, stop by and see what’s available by ARR in the Zombie Toy Store.

And now for some Zombies & Toys staple questions:

Favorite zombie book, game, or movie?
"I’m constantly being told to read Walking Dead so I should probably do that soon. It better live up to the hype. Also, since I’m a board game geek, I like Last Night on Earth. It’s a zombie board game that plays like a B movie."

If you were bitten, would you want shot or would you want left alone to change?
"Although looking like a zombie would be awesome, I don’t like to be a burden, so just shoot me."

If we made a toy of you, would you be a zombie or a survivor? What accessories would you come with?
"Definitely a zombie. Besides kung-fu zombie grip, I’d have removable guts and real shambling action!"
For your chance to win some great Abomination Nursery items including an undead doll, make sure to enter the Abomination Nursery contest!


  1. WOW! What incredible dolls. Just beautiful and creepy all at the same time!

  2. I know! They are stunning in person as well.

  3. oh man these figures looks so disturbing, who the hell designs this twisted stuff?


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