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Monday, March 8, 2010

Zombie Shooting Range Targest

I've seen pictures featuring zombie targets before; You know, the ones used at shooting ranges. But an email from our friend, Vince, prompted me to dig a little deeper. Flying Coffin featured some Nazi Zombie shooting targets on their blog today. Fun stuff, indeed. Looking at some of these makes me want to run out and buy a gun. Or at least a BB gun. Maybe I can post them on my dart board. Ohhhh! What about some ninja stars and throwing knives? The possibilities are endless!
Anyway... take a gander at what's available:


  1. bwahahaha... very nice! They should offer pdfs of those so I can print some at work and blast the crap out of them this weekend.

  2. just came out with a few more yesterday. The price is definitely more than reasonable.

    "Econo-Zombie" Targets


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