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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zombie Oscars

The Zombie Oscars? When I first heard of this I thought it was an outstanding idea. An awards ceremony solely for zombie films? But, alas, the Zombie Oscars are actually an artist's creation and displayed to voice an opinion and message.

British street artist, D*Face, apparently made a trip to Los Angeles and left his mark (well, two actually) in the form of a six foot tall Zombie Oscar statue. The two statues can be found atop Runyon Canyon and in the parking lot of Mel's Drive-In Hollywood. After flying back to the safety of his homeland in the UK, D*Face was kind enough to accept an interview request from NBCLA. The interview can be read here. In the meantime, take in this excerpt from the interview where D*Face tells us about the meaning behind his sculptures:
"...I wish to encourage the viewer to engage with their surroundings, forcing them to "look" and not just "see," but the simple point was to give the city of Lost Angels, two pieces of sculpture that I hope remain in place, and for them to serve as a constant reminder that beauty is skin and not silicone deep."
"The Oscar ceremony represent the pinnacle of superficiality within the so-called "film industry," where formula and money triumphs over independent creativity and risk. These sculptures are donated to all the actors, actresses and filmmakers of the City of Lost Angels whose talents will never see the light of day. Never give up the struggle, believe in your dreams, try and break the system and remember if all else fails, resort to plastic surgery -- it seems to work!?!"

Personally, I like his message and his "art". Judging by the comments left after the interview, most do not agree with me. The whole street art/graffiti thing seems to be much larger in Europe where names such as Banksy reside at the crest. I hope these statues remain in place. But if the city needs a place to store one, I'll leave a spot in my yard vacant.

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